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Biking Across the State of New York
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Biking Across New York:
The Erie Canalway Trail

James Knott and three friends (Gene Moore, Kyle Johnsen and Todd Huyghe) bike across the state of New York from Buffalo to Albany along the Erie Canalway Trail. It's a good opportunity to learn about the history and culture along the canal and to visit the wonderful towns and cities along the way.

Biking Across NY: 1 Buffalo to Newark

James Knott on Kokusai-Dori in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

After a quick stop at Niagara Falls, the group leaves Buffalo and enjoys the scenic western end of the trail. They cruise through scenic towns like Lockport, Albion, Medina, Holley, Rochester, Pittsford, & Fairport.

Biking Across NY: 2 Seneca Falls to Syracuse

Hibiscus flower along route 58 in Okinawa, Japan

The boys take a detour through Seneca Falls and the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. We learn about wildlife and their philosophy on eating (Mmmmm... Dinosaur BBQ).

Biking Across NY: 3 Utica to Albany

Hedo Misaki - Memorial Tower for the Reversion of Okinawa to Japan

Gene gets a flat tire and the boys search for a replacement in Utica. Kyle gets a lesson in pre-trip training. Will heavy rains ruin a perfect trip? Will the boys make it to Albany? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the series!